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michael caine ark sz

i gotta tell you, ive got opportunities
i got that feeling that everything will be alright
ive got something to offer do you follow me
ive got the sunshine so come outside and you will see

i talk in italian and i drive a mini car all the time
i wear my glasses and my ass is always on the line
im getting a spear thrown at me every which way
which way i go, and i got the ladies falling at my feet
that cant be bad.

this time in the morning,
i know you got me yawning for you
mmmmmm michael caine
this time baby i know i think i maybe like you
mmmmmm michael caine

theres mona lisa, shes always got a lot to say
shes such a teaser ill get her on another day
she sells something and no one seems to know that
shell make her money by lying naked on her back

shes in a raincoat under a candy colored neon light
shes got my lipstick on and black eyeliner in her eyes
i got her attention now she wants me to be her teacher
shes got me hooked and now im educating rita

chorus repeat


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