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got b luv ark sz

ive got money in my pocket. ive got loving in the air
there is nothing that will stop me and i really just dont care
i just wanna live my life thats the way its gonna be
and nothings gonna pull me down cause you know that i believe.
the suns gonna shine shine.
let the music blow through your mind yeah
shine shine

its gotta be love
its got to be love from the very start
its got to be love not a broken heart
its got to be love my one true desire
you know you set my world on fire

feel like jumping in the river or dancing in the rain
the different places smiling faces always make my day
and all you happy people just following your dream
cause everything you want is not a fly by fantasy
the suns gonna shine shine
let the music blow through your mind yeah
shine shine

chorus repeat


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