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the chanukah song ii ark sz
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the chanukah song ii ark sz

performed by adam sandler
contributed by marc lachance
put on your yarmulke
its time for chanukah
so much funnaka
to celebrate chanukah
chanukah is the festival of lights
instead of one day of presents
we get eight crazy nights
when you feel like the only kid in town
without a christmas tree
heres a new list of people who are jewish
just like you and me
winona ryder,
drinks manischewitz wine
then spins a draydle with ralph lauren and calvin klein
guess who gives and receives
loads of chanukah toys
the girls from veruca salt and all three beastie boys
lenny kravitz is half jewish,
courtney love is half too
put them together
what a funky bad ass jew
we got harvey keitel
and flash dancer jennifer beals
yasmine bleeth from baywatch is jewish
and yes her boobs are real
put on your yarmulka
its time for chanukah
2 time ocsar winning dustin hoffmanaka
celebrates chanukah
o.j. simpson
still not a jew
but guess who is,
the guy who does the voice for scooby doo
bob dylan was born a jew
then he wasnt
but now hes back,
mary tyler moores husband is jewish
cause were pretty good in the sack.
guess who got bar-mitzvahed
on the pga tour
no im not talking about tiger woods
im talkin about mr. happy gilmore.
so many jews are in the show biz
bruce springsteen isnt
but my mother thinks he is.
tell the world-amanaka
its time for chanukah
its not pronounced ch-nakah
the c is silent in chanukah
so get your hooked on phonica
get drunk in tijuanaka
if you really really wannaka
have a happy happy happy happy chanukah!


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