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winter millenium ark sz

through milleniums of winter so waste
i have passed eras to following time
i have faced the force of the nocturnal course
where the winter comes resounding

on the plains of the earthly wisdom
i have walked the silence yet furious fields
seen the children of the cold
the elder and the bold
burning by belief, yearning by deceit

behind each embracing creature
i saw thousand fighting beasts
i saw the furious black colours
like the jaws of a bloody feast

at the end of mans wisdom
i saw passion fly so terrible high
i heard sorrow groan
at the end which i found
where live convulse resound

i came from a distance in time
from the hill where the sun for the first time came through
i followed every wind to every spot it blew
i rove the eternity of time, the history of existence


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