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the olden domain ark sz

the silence was utter, the sleep was long
a torment for even the brave
peals of thunder even did not forsake
the lifeless soil of this eternal-white land
a domain of no mercy - white, so bright
as a day of calm, flawless might
beware the coming of night
the shade of essential ingenuity
acknowledge the darkness, link of dawn
the branches hung low
softly covered by snow
even the strongest will
recoil beneath their silent chill
see the plains so eternally white
bright, in spite of even the night
to be where the eagles fly
with a haughty hunters eye
feel the kiss of the silver draped frost
your age-old toil, haunted and lost
high up there, where his ravens once flew
the lightning strikes - even deep in the snow
"you have to wake, wipe the ice from your eyes"


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