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the buffoon and the valedictorian ark sz
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the buffoon and the valedictorian ark sz

performed by adam sandler and jennifer lien

"and now the buffoons date at the drive-in with the schools valedictorian."
valedictorian: "i really appreciate youre asking me out. most people are intimidated by my high academic achievement."
buffoon: "this movie sucks shit!"
valedictorian: "well, ebel gave it thumbs up, but ciscel thought it was too preachy. anyway, i enjoyed the directors last film immensly."
buffoon: "cathleen turner has big fuckin tits!"
valedictorian: "yes, well, she recently had a child. i think her maternal biology may play a role in that. she looks fabulous for a woman her age, doesnt she?"
buffoon: "i put a firecracker in a bullfrogs mouth and blew his fuckin head off."
valedictorian: "well, in psychology we learned that it is not uncommon for male adolescents to commit savage acts on animals as part of their maturing process."
buffoon: "that girl in the fucking car in front of us, she gives everybody head."
valedictorian: "well, i guess shes strong for attention and she feels promiscuity is the only way to obtain it."
[buffoon eating popcorn]
buffoon: "this popcorns fuckin terrible. it tastes like someone jizzed all over it."
[buffoon continues to eat popcorn]
valedictorian: "well the amount of semen on this popcorn is certainly disturbing. perhaps the staff in the refreshment stand was overcome by the monotony of their work and decided to play a childish prank."
buffoon: "i looked at my asshole in the mirror today. it blew my fuckin mind!"
valedictorian: "its ironic that parts of ones body seems odd and unusual because you dont see them on a day to day basis.
buffoon: "my fathers shit stinks up the bathroom all fuckin day!"
valedictorian: "its puzzling why one persons fecal odor can be more overpowering than anothers. i wonder whether it is a function of the food digested or that persons internal metabolism."
buffoon: "im gonna go get head from that fuckin girl."
[gets out of the car]
valedictorian: "well, im sorry to see the date come to such an abrubt conclusion."
[buffoon walking away]
"i do appreciate the time you spent with me and look forward to a future rondevue."
buffoon: "i like to piss in that guys fuckin gas tank!"
valedictorian: "bye bye! have fun."
[buffoon continues to walk away]


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