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iron maiden, iron maiden arklar, iron maiden ark szleri
1. acacia avenue383
2. am549
3. minutes to midnight315
4., acacia avenue309
5.aces high397
6.afraid to shoot strangers390
7.alexander the gre389
8.alexander the great340
9.another life454
10.back in the village370
11.be quick or be dead371
12.black bart blues316
13.blood brothers330
14.blood on the worlds hand518
15.blood on the worlds hands404
16.brave new world326
17.bring your daughter to the slaughter369
18.burning ambition346
19.can i play with madness335
20.caught somewhere in time344
21.chains of misery289
22.charlotte the harlot371
23.childhodds end620
24.childhoods end503
25.children of the damned325
26.communication breakdown299
27.como estais amigos412
28.cross-eyed mary361
29.deja vu271
31.die with your boots on351
32.doctor doctor409
33.dont look to the eyes of a stranger427
34.dream of mirrors315
36.fates warning338
37.fear is the key322
38.fear of the dark400
39.flash of the blade335
40.flight of icarus335
41.fortunes of war357
42.from here to eternity337
45.genghis khan932
46.ghost of the navigator373
47.hallowed be thy name354
48.heaven can wait313
49.holy smoke331
50.hooks in you303
51.i live my way472
52.infinite dreams349
53.innocent exile269
56.iron maiden847
57.im a mover567
58.ive got the fire683
60.judas be my guide360
61.judgement of heaven320
62.judgment day296
63.justice of the peace350
64.kill me ce soir352
66.king of twilight298
67.lightning strikes twice315
68.look for the truth290
69.lord of the flies362
70.losfer words big orra800
71.man on the edge324
74.mother russia925
75.murders in the rue morgue391
76.no prayer for the dying335
77.only the good die young340
78.out of the silent planet364
79.phantom of the opera353
81.prodigal son314
83.public enema number one342
85.quest for fire334
86.rainbows gold857
87.reach out428
88.remember tomorrow405
90.rime of the ancient mariner291
91.run silent run deep330
92.run silent,run deep238
93.run to the hills338
94.running free715
96.sea of madness403
97.seventh son of a seventh son309
98.sheriff of huddersfield340
99.sign of the cross323
100.space station344
101.still life301
102.strange world333
103.stranger in a strange land307
104.sun and steel359
106.that girl368
107.the aftermath328
108.the angel and the gambler356
109.the apparition278
110.the assassin331
111.the clairvoyant334
112.the clansman613
113.the duelists367
114.the duellists359
115.the edge of darkness333
116.the educated fool375
117.the evil that men do361
118.the fallen angel372
119.the fugitive363
120.the ides of march384
121.the loneliness of the long distance runner378
122.the mercenary342
123.the nomad333
124.the number of the beast310
125.the prisoner362
126.the prophecy319
127.the thin line between love and hate368
128.the trooper322
129.the unbeliever337
130.the wicker man345
131.to tame a land311
132.total eclipse325
134.twilight zone311
136.virus harris/gers/murray/bayley390
137.wasted years305
138.wasting love339
139.weekend warrior380
140.when two worlds collide292
141.where eagles dare343
142.women in uniform370
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