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wind chill factor minus zero ark sz

i took a tube train through the subway systems.
i rode those tunnels like a six foot mole.
i came back out and i was gasping for air.
i made it to your place, i was praying youd be home.
we really shouldnt be alone tonight.
lets go to a movie where everybody fights
but in the end theres dancing, songs, and smiles
you need lots of smiles....when the

wind chill factors minus zero
wind chill factors minus 10 below.
wind chill factors minus zero
wind chill factor. there you go.

its one of those days where i dont like myself (uh huh)
but i get along with myself o.k. (o.k.?)
ill slip beneath these sheets and shiver here awhile (hmmmm)
i find this happening more frequently these days.
still....i practice nightly, i try to keep ahead.
this art of surfacing is all but dead.
but i keep coming up, with time enough to breathe,
i take what i need.....when the

(repeat chorus)

do you agree (no)
with anything (no)
do you believe (no)
in anything (no)
at all (no)

you know when winter comes to visit these big cities,
and the wind starts howling through the elevator shafts.
well, our love is like one of those older, colder buildings.
but theres cracks in my concrete, i begin to feel the draught.

you start to laugh (no)
you say youve won (no)
its just i lost (no)
thats not the same (no)

i hobble to my corner and view the situation.
and well settle finally for some form of deep freeze
hibernation.......now the

(repeat chorus)


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