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walking back to happiness ark sz

dark skies are falling down on my head tonight
but i looked up and i could clearly see that moon
for a second i thought i was somewhere
romantic like mississippi
but i was walking down chelsea bayou
it takes you by suprise the places you find yourself in
one minute youre here
next minute youre there
and then youre gone
if it wasnt for a well placed sense of direction
you could lose your head and simply carry on
walking back to happiness
ive been walking back to happiness
like helen shapiro did
me and helen
arm in arm

foghorns boom the daylight gloom descends
too soon on wintry afternoons
that frightened heart of youth is with me now
still staring out from its upstairs room
and you can take any road you wish to walk on
you can swim to the furthest shore
or you can be like joan of arc babe
and plug into the planets core
and go walking back to happiness
i feel happy already watch me smile
see me laughing
later on see me cry

and as it gets colder and the night wears on a little bit
i cool down yes i cool my heels
i remember my father and me down on the east pier
hes pointing at the ships saying "theyre leaving here"
where do they go?
where do they go?
eastward ho
eastward ho
yes i remember my father
standing on the edge of the pier
pointing with his finger "eastward ho"
and were walking back to happiness
and here we go


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