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the end of the world ark sz

though it strikes you as seeming a little absurd
im here to announce the end of the world
itll happen sometime between now and high noon
it doesnt give you much time as its happening real soon
itll start with a whimper, itll end with a bang
itll leave a big hole where we could have sang

this is the end
the end of the world
for five thousand years
you must surely have heard
nostradamus and jesus and buddah and me
we said it was coming
now just wait and see

so everyone outside look up at the sky
its the last time youll see it so wave it goodbye
you took it for granted you thought it was free
say goodbye to the leaves, the trees, and the sea
theres nothing more useless than a car that wont start
but its even more useless at the end of the world


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