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the elephants graveyard ark sz

did you slip the noose when the beast broke loose
the elephants graveyard aint the place to be
and white turns black, dies of heart attack
the elephants graveyard needs the change of scene.
you got the money, but who needs the tension
and fears no cheaper on the old age pension
theres just one thing that i forgot to mention
whatve you got to lose when you know

youre guilty till proven guilty
isnt that the law
guilty till proven guilty
thats what we saw

do the blue rinse shuffle with the beach boy muscle
waiting all your life for this golf cart life
you see the judge and then you check the jury
she does her hair and calls the lawyer curti
its disneyland under martial law
titch on the tv tell me what you saw

they wre guilty till proven guilty etc....

justice isnt blind
it just looks the other way
not from want of trying
i have nothing left to say

the sky burns bright, 24 hour night
and you dont pay death duties when your on death duty
you came here looking for the peace and quiet
the healthy air and the healthy diet
the seas so calm but the streets a riot
taken years off your life when youve no years left to give
yeah youre

guilty till proven guilty etc.

shame shame shimmy shame.
shame shame shimmy shame.


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