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the chains of pain ark sz

jungle joe say to uncle sam
he say leave me alone
let me be just as i am
money grow on tree
as we say in japanee
down amazonia way
up all night ive been out with the in crowd
uptight, outtasight, alright outtamind
you know what im trying to say
but in another way

a chain that breaks is just a heart thats changed

sometimes i fall on my knees and i pray
god wont let me see another day
then i wake up and thank god that hes
ignored my prayers again
systems of belief well they come and they go babe
the myths we believe in they change from day to day
i believe belief will wrap your brains in chains
so im for changing

desperate deeds were done by men with guns in china
boys in clean white shirts
stopped the tanks in their dirt
and the blood they spilled
just made the white shine brighter
they werent waiting baby
they were breaking up the chains of pain
theyre not slaves theyre changing
by breaking up the chains of pain

a brain in chains is just a heart enslaved
join the chain gang
break it up


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