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nothing happened today ark sz

turn on the tv
turn on the radio.
turn down that sound
turn down that sound

open the curtains
open the windows.
whats happening around
whats happening around

ill do some washing
i might go shopping
im going downtown
im going downtown

someone told me, "nothing happened today."

i woke up late
i had a headache
i went back to sleep
go back to sleep

i stood there waiting
waiting for something
there wasnt a thing
not even one thing

someone told me, "nothing happened today."

harry hooper living in no. 10
bought a toupee and glued it to his head
"it looks very natural," everybody said.
but then his wife said "toupee, isnt that a french word?"
and harry said, "ole." she said, "thats a spanish word."
and he said "o.k., cant tell the difference these days."

i watched tv
cos i wanted to see
the late news at 10
it came on and then

she shuffled her papers
she swivelled in her chair
she looked up and said

the weather was fair
and then it turned cold
it started to rain
pouring with rain.

some people died
some people were born
and some stayed the same
and some went insane

tomorrows wednesday
today was tuesday
and this is the date
march 28th

it was the morning
then afternoon
and then the night came
and then the night came

oh...and someone told me, "nothing happened today."
yes, someone told me, "nothing happened today."
it happened today.


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