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no small wonder ark sz

i got home late last night about 8
there was nothing on the t.v. as usual
just the normal repeats and things
i had the city prices edition of the evening standard
which was not as good as the late night one
mainly because it doesnt have the full cinema listings
to be more specific it doesnt have the fulham abc
which is my local
so i walked over to battersea park
down by the sri chimnoy mile
past the peace pagoda
its good
you can have a personal religious experience
and get healthy at the same time
which obviously is important for a busy man like me
well another moment in lifes great adventure
its no small wonder

i hope you werent offended by what happened last night
it was the awkward hour
and i didnt know what to do
whether ot come on or just leave it
to be honest i wasnt that interested
and i didnt think you were either
so i went back to my place
and you went back to yours
and i got into bed
and started reading a book
by a guy called tobias woolf
its good its short stories
just before you sleep hell take
you off to burma....mandalay
places like that
i set the alarm clock ready for another day at work
another day in lifes great adventure
its no small wonder


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