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neon heart ark sz

life pours down into the neon heart (its late at night)
cement city is all a-spark (yeah thats right)
the whores are loose and the dames are abroad (my pants are tight)
theres a price on their hearts you cant fail to afford.

drink to the bitch and well dance for a while
if you cant do the module than youll have to try the slide
it was all cool enough if you had the zazz
the night was still young and it was all we had

i picked her up at the bar that night (what did you do)
i took her home she didnt put up a fight (what did you do)
she was real good-lookin but she wasnt too bright (so whats new)
we pulled the curtains and then locked out the night

i was fighting to maintain my cool
i walked the thin line between animal and fool
til i felt her hand in mine and said "your wrong about me"
"im a boy from a good family" i told her

the juke box played an out-of-time tune (so whats new)
made tricia cry, oh her mascara was ruined (so whats new)
she looked such a sight, the sorrowful bitch (what did she do)
she rushed to the bathroom and she slashed both her wrists

everybody screamed and roared for more
lonestar angels shouting "encore"
time was the enemy, we had to kill it dead
the clock kept creeping round so we went to bed instead.


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