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my hippy angel ark sz

all the birdies swimming in the sea
all the fishies hanging in the trees
all the people down on their knees
rise up as one and sing
and in the middle of my troubled sleep
my hippy angel came to me
saying chill out, be cool, stay free
i said im not sure what you mean
and she said

love is all around
its coming up from under the ground
live like radiation
radiate across the entire nation
love for you and me
moving out across the eec
love it goes so far
travelling out across the ussr
loving going all the way
stretching right across the usa
love in asia minor
africa, india, australia and china
come on

all the people in their cardboard boxes
the old and lonely in their tower blockses
the frightened ones who need some calm
my hippy angel said we all must chant
and all the birdies swimming in the sea
and all the people hanging from the trees
and all the fishies down on their knees
rise up as one and sing
love is all around

she must be mad.


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