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me and howard hughes ark sz

hand me down a strong panacea,
one thats guaranteed to make me feel like hercules,
theres flies everywhere, buzzing in the air,
filling my body with filth and disease....and i think,

he thinks he should develop a complex,
he thinks that he really owes it to himself,
his friendsll all say hes looking sick and unhealthy
an then he can wallow in sweet self-neglect

oh oh yeah...hes gonna

lock himself up in his room
shutter the windows and bolt all the doors,
wrap himself round in his wall street cocoon
hes painting the ceiling, the walls and the floor,

hes gonna lock himself up in his room
and when he emerges have a new change of style,
he keeps saying things like its me and howard hughes
youd wana watch out for that dangerous smile.

oh, oh yeah....


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