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2.be first to believe483
3.be the first to believe452
4.caught in the middle434
5.celebrate our love426
6.cherish this love378
8.crazy for leaving you436
9.do you remember454
10.everybody needs somebody483
12.finnegans wake422
13.forever in love422
14.heaven by your side394
15.here comes the rain443
16.hey you493
17.high and dry451
18.i got sunshine495
19.i still believe400
20.i wonder why456
21.if everytime476
22.if i cant have you578
23.if i were my girl457
24.if only465
25.if only473
26.ill take the tears491
27.isnt it cheap622
28.ill take the tears608
30.learn to fly473
31.let it out517
32.like a rose434
33.livin the dream684
34.make it good452
35.make it through the night429
36.no more500
37.nothing but trouble513
38.one in love421
39.one last song412
40.one more try444
41.power of desire452
42.ready or not491
43.same old brand new you422
45.she didnt see me627
46.she doesnt see me631
47.shit no more475
48.still around431
49.still be mine450
50.summertime of our lives412
51.take on me460
52.talkin bout a revolution566
53.the things we never did508
54.this aint what love is about688
55.three times a lady436
57.too bad baby454
58.walking in the rain478
59.when im missing you539
60.youre not in love584
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