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like clockwork ark sz

im not disconnected
im not unaware
im in one place at one time
im neither here nor there
im hooked to the mainstream,
tuned into the world
plugged into my surroundings,
im not out on a limb.
im thinking in a straight line,
im thinking that these thoughts are mine,
my heart is beating oh so fast
i feel the hours crashing
because my mind keeps time like clockwork,
and i think in sync like clockwork.

shes done away with emotion,
she sees things clearly now.
she says she sees it all from her room
and it looks so small from her room
its all right, its all right,
im on your side...for a while,
she thinks time is a concept by which we measure our pain
(shell say it again)
she wants to say it again, but she dont have time,
and now her heart beats time like clockwork
and she thinks in sync like clockwork

count the hours, count the months and minutes,
youre born in tears and die in pain and thats your limit
youre lookin for a reason but theres none
there, why dont you admit it
well make the most of what weve got, thats the tickit
my, my, my.

i stayed in that room a long, long time
and watched the seasons gliding past
and hey...whats the matter?,
weve got time, lots of time
its alright, its alright,
im on your side for a while,
well wind up
well slow down
well speed up or slow down and well maybe overwind...
but now or minds, etc.


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