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in the pouring rain ark sz

everybodys gonna catch their death
in the pouring rain
everybody better hold their breath
in the pouring rain
everybodys gonna walk on by
everbody hide away
everbodys gonna pull their blinds
and stay inside and pass these days
i know ive seen a lot
lord knows sometimes ive cried
but i know we cant sit like this
and shake our fists
while lovers kiss and die
in the pouring rain

i was hungry and im hungry still
and now its pouring rain
i look o.k. but ive been feeling ill
and now its pouring rain
well hush now baby, dont you cry
tears wont wipe away the pain
theres a storm been blowing through the night
thats washed us down with lethal rain
sometimes this worlds too big
sometimes we feel too small
sometimes youll have to pick me up
when i grow tired
stumble, trip and fall
in the pouring rain

im gonna walk on by
dont wanna see you cry
im gonna walk on by
in the pouring rain


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