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sweat beatrice ark sz

performed by adam sandler, allen covert, and jon rosenburg
hanging with my sweet amour
she came out with a lions roar
yelling, "im going to the corner store,
be back at quarter to four"
"dont slam your pinkies in the drawer"
she can be like a maiden from the days of yore
hanging out at studio 54
break dancing on the slick brick disco floor
with lionel richie
who, by the way, was a commodore
one time she gave mouth-to-mouth to a snaggle tooth boar
who couldnt breat right since the vietnam war
then she played chinese checkers with skeletor
and went camping with eva gabor
shes my sweet beatrice
shes my sweet beatrice
shes my sweet beatrice
and shes coming home
i got a picture of her down by the seashore
wearing a bikini made of purple velour
her hairs up like conway twittys pompadour
with the smile of guy lefleur
she got the ups and downs like an elevator
but deep inside shes a marshmellow smore
can bake a cake as big as jupitor
either or, neithor nor
shell share it with your labrador
she can run faster than a blazing meteor
loves winnie the pooh and his friend eeyore
can make a pipe out of an apple core
thats a trick she learned from roberto parrish
down in ecuador
you know why?
shes my sweet beatrice
shes my sweet beatrice
shes my sweet beatrice
and shes coming home
well, for sure she opened the door
whipped out a 3-ft fishing lure
sexually, that made me insecure
like the time i was a roadie
on elton johns tour
she said, "lets go catch some piscatore!"
i said, "beatrice, you dont eat fish no more."
she said, "by god, youre right!"
so we took ourselves a snore
and when we woke up 10 hours later
we made love du jour
shes my sweet beatrice
shes my sweet beatrice
shes my sweet beatrice
and she came home
she likes to clean out the attic every now and then
shes gonna knit me a brand new golfing bag
we gonna watch ourselves a john wayne movie
then we gonna free all the doggies at the kennel
she gonna try on my third grade mittens
shell keep em on even though theyre way too small
well, she aint never gonna hurt me
she aint never gonna let me down
she aint never gonna tell nobody
im afraid of birds and spiders
well, bea-bea-bea-beatrice
and she loves pat summerall


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