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hurts hurts ark sz

i dont want to listen
but i think i see you screaming
and it hurts.

instant solzhenitsyn
i get salt mines when i hear your voice
it hurts.

kiss the hurt off her kung fu tongue
i turn off when she turns on
thats why ill say
hurts hurts.

who an what an where an when an why an how an
which you bitch
it hurts.

the false teeth shake an rattle
when the slack mouth tittle tattles
and it hurts.

kiss the hurt on her kung fu tongue
i come off when she comes on
thats why we say
hurt hurts.

my ears are bleeding
my stomachs so sore

i slice the hurt off her kung fu tongue
we come off when they come on
thats why we say
hurt hurts.

hard side
tough inside
she cut you with stiletto style
boy, it hurts.

i lick the wound, she tears the eyes
you scratch her back and shell claw mine
that hurts.

my eyes water
my mouths so dry

kiss the hurt off her kung fu tongue
i turn off when you turn on
then i might say
hoit hoits
hurt hurts.


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