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he watches it all ark sz

he bought and sold a video
made a fortunein between
a thousand well-known faces
passed across that stupid screen
he turned them down
he never thought they had so much to say
he watched those faces come and go
up close
he saw the strain
and he watches it all
yes he watches it all

someone broke into his house last night
its strange they didnt take a thing
someone broke into his house last night
but still it feels like they took everything
home is where the head is
home is where the demons all come out to play
home is where you hide yourself at night
and home is where you feel safe
and still he watches it all
he watches it all
and its small
it all seems small

did you read it in the sunday paper?
the headline called him the sailors deacon
he fell in love with the lighthouse keeper
spends his time bringing home the beacon
he bought and sold a video
made a fortune in between


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