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go man go ark sz

these are danger days
what sort of day is this?
these are troubled times
dya know what time it is?
there it goes again
another gear being slipped
i must be near the sea
a single cod n chips
a cup of tea for three
an 6 including v.a.t.
around the rugged rocks
a round trip there and back
the helter-skelters free
(dont tell mad charlie that)
id send a bloody card
but hed want a bloody snap.

id stay at home today
but the world said
go man go
everybody said
go man go
the local postman said
go man go
do-do, oy, oy vey.

i feel so down, so low, too tired to think
i feel so low, oh no, well what do you think?
my feet slow down, ah so well, i cant lift my head
a fevered brow, ho no, think ill stay here in bed
thunder over tokyo
pressure on my eyes
hi-fi on their heads
while they tidy the tides
dear aunti fifi
you should see this place
theyd grow a cushion on your back,
an a flu mask on your face
id stay at home today
but the world said
go man go
in japanese they said
hayacho cho wazza woko
i heard someone say
go man go
and we went
do do oy oy vey.


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