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steve polychronopolous ark sz

performed by adam sandler
- "polychronopolous"
im a big fuckin dick
im a pain in your ass
i drink all your beer
ill eat the last slice
ill give you charley horses
ill pull your shorts down at the beach
i always need a ride
nobody likes me
my names steve motherfucking polychronopolous
i spit when i talk
i swear in front of your mother
i throw shit at the movies
i wear tight pants
i ask you to buy an extra yankee ticket
and then i dont show
i tell you i saw your girlfriend
fucking two guys at a party
cause my names steve motherfucking polychronopolous
ill piss on your toilet seat and tell your dad you got stoned
ill borrow your jacket and never think of returning it
shit for brains
ill leave your gate open
so your dog runs away
ill make fun of your pimple
then ill grab your sisters ass
cause my names steve motherfucking polychronopolous
and i dont care
and i dont give a shit
ill break your brothers stereo
and then tell him it was you
you think youre better than me
well youre fucking wrong
everybody knows im steve motherfucking polychronopolous
deal with it


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