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diamond smiles ark sz

"traffics wild tonight"
diamond smiles her cocktail smile.
tonight shes in heavy disquise.
she looks at her wrist to clock the passing time.

"weathers mild tonight"
she wonders will her glamour survive,
she wonders do they notice her eyes,
and can they see shes going down a third time.

everybody tries,
its dale carnegie gone wild,
but barbara cartlands child
long ago perfected the motionless glide.

in the low voltage noise,
diamond seems so sure and so poised
she shimmers for the bright young boys,
and laughs "love is for others, but me it destroys"

the girl in the cake
jumped out too soon by mistake,
somebody said the whole things half baked
and diamond lifts her glass and says "cheers"

she stands to the side
theres no more to this than meets the eye,
everybody drinks martini dry,
and talks about clothes and the latest styles.


they said she did it
with grace.
they said she did it
with style.
they said she did it all
before she died
oh no
i remember diamonds smile

nobody saw her go,
they said they should have noticed
cos her dress was cut so low.
well it only goes to show
ha, ha, how many real men any of us know.

she went up the stairs,
stood up on the vanity chair,
tied her lame belt around the chandelier,
and went out kicking at the perfumed air.

repeat chorus


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