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banana republic ark sz

banana republic
septic isle
screaming in the suffering sea
it sounds like crying
everywhere i go
everywhere i see
the black and blue uniforms
police and priests

and i wonder do you wonder
while youre sleeping with your whore
that sharing beds with history
is like a-licking running sores
forty shades of green yeah
sixty shades of red
heroes going cheap these days
price; a bullet in the head

repeat chorus

take your hand and lead you
up a garden path
let me stand aside here
and watch you pass
striking up a soldiers song
i know that tune
it begs too many questions
and answers to,

repeat chorus

the purple and the pinstripe
mutely shake their heads
a silense shrieking volumes
a violence worse than the condemn
stab you in the back yeah
laughing in your face
glad to see the place again
its a pitty nothings changed

repeat chorus


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