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inxs, inxs arklar, inxs ark szleri
1.all around412
2.all the voices425
3.baby dont cry622
4.back on line423
6.beautiful girl407
7.big go go467
8.biting bullets405
9.bitter tears392
10.black and white346
11.body language572
12.building bridges381
13.burn for you359
14.by my side445
15.calling all nations358
17.cut your roses down404
18.dancing on the jetty371
19.days of rust464
20.deliver me384
21.devil inside478
24.dont change725
25.dont lose your head487
26.elegantly wasted426
28.face the change432
29.fair weather ahead362
30.faith in each other365
32.freedom deep517
33.full moon dirty hearts463
34.girl on fire762
35.golden playpen457
36.good + bad times433
37.guns in the sky388
38.hear that sound441
39.heaven sent393
40.here comes522
42.i send a message683
43.in vain377
44.im just a man474
45.im only looking693
46.jans song455
47.johnsons aeroplane551
49.just keep walking442
50.just to learn again354
52.kill the pain449
53.kiss the dirt falling down the mountain381
54.know the difference331
56.learn to smile383
57.listen like thieves449
58.love is what i say410
59.make your peace373
61.melting in the sun387
62.men and women439
64.need you tonight678
65.never tear us apart418
66.new sensation361
67.newsreel babies461
68.night of rebellion392
69.not enough time401
70.old world new world376
71.on a bus445
72.on my way519
73.one x one452
74.original sin484
75.please you got that352
77.red red sun436
78.roller skating508
79.same direction480
81.shake the tree354
82.she is rising376
83.shine like it does578
84.shining star1726
85.show me cherry baby618
86.soul mistake327
87.spy of love440
88.stay young520
89.strange desire380
90.suicide blonde429
91.taste it410
92.the gift695
93.the loved one460
94.the messenger726
95.the one thing399
96.the stairs427
97.the strangest party these are the times366
98.the swing456
99.this time449
101.tiny daggers373
102.to look at you402
103.underneath the colours452
104.viking juice: the end of rock & roll25
105.we are thrown together344
106.what would you do444
107.what you need414
108.who pays the price336
109.wild life429
110.wishing well381
111.wishy washy433
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