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a rose at night ark sz

here she comes like a queen all through the wintertime
skirts that billow long after shes gone
yes i could smell her smell on the pillow late at night
shes a rose that blooms at night

and all the streets were wet and slicked with rain
outside my green front door
number 48 seemed dull by comparison
i went on down to the pub to stock up for the long night by myself
thats one way out of this cold and lonely world
yes ill be a rose that blooms tonight

the citys quiet
the rioters have all gone home now
the fire brigades sirens have been locked up for the night
theres a blackout down on brown street
where all the blues come home
and yes theres a rose that blooms at night

now jim he packed up all his bags and said
"its time to get out of here"
but his wife and children they were crying out in the kitchen
out in the back
once a year he remembers that scene
but it seems so long ago now
he tries to remember but he cant
you dont look back
memories - theyre like a rose that blooms at night

theres a clock that never strikes
in the town halls towers of steel
theres a road thats never used
its never kissed with the hiss of wheel
in your mouth is a rusted brace
that you flash with your junkyard smile
shine on like a rose at night


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