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pickin daisies ark sz

performed by adam sandler, alan covert, and jon rosenberg
6 whats the matter honey, are you not feeling well?
its okay, momma will take care of you
not really sick, but dont you know i still say i am
dad just mumbles, "there goes my girlie son acting up again"
how could you be my kid
mom knows im faking it
but she understands whatll happen if i go
the last four days
the tough guys have been on a roll
they show him no mercy
plenty of name calling
and pushing my head in the toilet bowl
they call him a loser
but they wont get their hands on me today
cuz home with momma is where im gonna stay
were pickin daisies
who cares about them anyway
pickin daisies
theyll all be working for you someday
pickin daisies
theyre just jealous of you
pickin daisies
next year youll go to private school
cant play sports or games
im only really good at reading
he cant catch a football
apparently thats not too cool
thats why my nose is usually bleeding
plus they give him fat lips
at this time yesterday, my underwear was over my head
but ill be safe today, i know cuz momma said
were pickin daisies
who really cares what they think
pickin daisies
you should talk about it with your shrink
pickin daisies
theyll all end up in jail
pickin daisies
marshalls is having a sale
i know tommorrow itll all start up again
hell be greeted with a head-lock
and all i can do is sit and pray for the weekend
but i know when im older
ill look back and laugh
at all those kids who pulled my pants down
and took that photograph
cuz well be through with kickball
well all be weak and slow
but i will be the only one
with a magic place to go
pickin daisies
youre better off in the end
pickin daisies
who cares, ill be your friend
pickin daisies
you can always count on me
pickin daisies
i made you some iced tea
pickin daisies
pickin daisies
pickin daisies
pickin daisies
pickin daisies
you are too very handsome, just not in a traditional way
when i was a kid, we didnt have video games, we had pinball, but i could learn
well, theyre just upset that they dont have earmuffs
you can come to aerobics class with me and wathc, all the ladies love you
who needs brand name shirts? yours is the same thing without a fancy tag
why dont you go to sleep? and when you wake up, then ill play you the eddie fisher record


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