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medium pace ark sz

put your arms around me babe,
cant you see i need you so?
hold me close against your skin,
cause im about to begin
lovin you.
spit on your hand and stroke my cock at a medium pace.
play with my balls and tell me how big they are.
honey rub your beaver up and down my face.
now sit on the corner of the bed and watch me whack off.
you see that shampoo bottle? now, stick it up my ass.
push it in and out at a medium pace.
talk about your old boyfriends dick and how big it was.
now shave off my pubs and punch me in the face.
darling, make me push my dick and balls back between my legs.
call me an ugly woman and take my picture to show all the people
you work with.
now pull up my scrotum and take that shampoo bottle out of my ass.
pretend im the pizza delivery guy and watch me whack off.
strap on a dildo and make me give you head.
now tell me slow down and do it at a medium pace.
i feel so humiliated. im about to blow my load.
you tell its time to make love but i cant cuz i spewed all over myself.
then you look into my eyes, then you realize
how much i enjoy loving you. oh.
im so sorry i spunked all over my stomach.
maybe next time ill be better at loving you.


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