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four years old ark sz

performed by adam sandler, allen covert, and jon rosenburg
whyd you wake me from my nap?
im not in the mood
to play your games
or sit on your lap
wheres my yankees drinking glass?
i want some juice
and i want it now
so you better move your ass
and feel bad for me
cuz im just getting over a cold
im four years old!
im four years old!
im four years old!
somebody better tie my shoes!
i run down the hall
i scream and i yell
and i cry cuz i fell
bring the rubbing alcohol
i get mud on my shoe
i come back in the house
i get it on the rug
the cleangings up to you
and i wont take a bath
unless you make me spaghetti-os
im four years old!
im four years old!
im four years old!
mommy reads to me at night
charlie and the chocolate factory
i cant have a job
and i cant go to school
if no grownups are around
i cant go near the pool
im not alowed to climb
my neighbors apple tree
im not allowed to sit
too close to the tv
i dont know how to drive
and i dont know how to spell
but if i hear my brother cursing
i do know how to tell
cuz he made me eat some bread
that was covered in mold
im four years old!
im four years old!
im four years old!
i just threw up on my grandmother


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