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do it for your mama ark sz

performed by adam sandler, frank, judd, jon, katie, and brooks arthur

j.n.: "i can make a bigger splash than you!"
jimmy: "oh yeah, give it a shot."
[while jumping up and down on diving board]
j.n.: "can opener!"
[big splash]
jimmy: "man, that one was huge."
j.n.: "you go."
[while running towards pool]
jimmy: "ahhhh, jacknife!"
[jumps in and small splash]
tracy: "that was a dud, jimmy."
jimmy: "shutup, tracy."
tracy: "you shutup."
[door opens, walks over]
momma: "lunch time kids."
[kids yelling happily]
momma: "i made some jelly sandwiches and sliced up some cantelope. i figured you could eat a little food and and then maybe play with yer cock and balls fer a while."
j.n.: "im just gonna eat, mom."
momma: "all right. and then maybe a little later, you can play with yer cock and balls fer momma."
j.n.: "i dont think so."
momma: "ok. slow down jimmy, yer already halfway done with yer sandwhich. youre gonna get a belly ache."
jimmy: "no im not. im hungry."
momma: "i know, but you shouldnt so fast. youre rushing honey, youre gonna choke. put down your sandwhich and beat off your cock and balls for a little bit. pace yourself."
jimmy: "oh god."
momma: "tracy, do you want some fruit or a sandwhich?"
tracy: "no mom, im trying to lose weight. guy said im getting fat."
momma: "what? you look beautiful honey. hes crazy."
tracy: "guy said last summer i looked better in a bathing suit, so im gonna try to lose like three or four pounds."
momma: "awww, sweetheart. youve got so much to learn. guy doesnt want you to lose weight, baby. its just his way of telling you he wants you to smack around his cock and balls some more, honey. hes got some balls and some cock. you gotta stroke his schlong or at least bite his nuts."
tracy: "mom!"
momma: "youre scared, arent ya honey. you want momma to help you? momma will stroke guys penis for him. no one has to know. ill sneak in when its dark."
tracy: "no! mom, please!"
momma: "you dont know how to tug on the cock and balls? you need momma to show you? get me a carrot, sweetheart. where are you going!?"
j.n.: "mom, wheres the suntan lotion?"
momma: "its under the chair baby. you gonna lube up yer cock and balls and wack it for a little bit?"
j.n.: "uhh, no. im just going to put some on my face so i dont get sunburnt."
momma: "smart thinking honey. and while yer at it you can put some on your brothers ding dong and knock around his nuts for him."
jimmy: "mom!"
momma: "what jimmy. why dont you let your brother wack your cock and nuts for a little bit. youre not playing with them right now so why not let him. share, baby!"
jimmy: "youre weird mom! im going swimming!"
momma: "oh, you shouldnt swim for a half an hour. i read that."
jimmy: "why?"
momma: "because you just ate, honey. and youll get cramps. why dont you just lay on the side of the pool and jiggle your balls for momma."
jimmy: "its ok. ill stay in the shallow end."
momma: "ok, baby. but dont hurt yourself with that big juicy hog of yours."
jimmy: "hey, j.n. throw me that frisby."
j.n.: "here! whoops!"
[sails over and falls to the ground]
jimmy: "nice throw. right over the fence and into the chasens yard."
momma: "dont get all huffy puffy. ill get it. momma will make everything all right. j.n. you watch jimmy and make sure hes safe in that water."
j.n.: "ok, ma."
momma: "and if you want you can beat your cock and balls. hi mr. chasen!"
mr. chasen: "oh, hi emily. how are you?"
momma: "oh, the boys threw the frisbee over the fence again. and there it is under the bush."
mr. chasen: "ill get it for you."
momma: "sorry. thank you. and while your under that bush, why dont you jack around your cock and balls for yourself. you can stare at my jugs and play with that healthy wang of yours."
mr. chasen: "no, ill just.. ill just get your frisbee."
momma: "all right baby."
mr. chasen: "here you go."
momma: "thank you. thanks. thank mr. chasen, boys!"
boys: "thanks mr. chasen!"
mr. chasen: "youre welcome fellas."
momma: "have a good day. oh, and..and tell your son tommy, if he wants to come over later and play with his cock and balls with the kids hes always welcome. i dont know what happened with him and the boys, but they dont seem to be friendly anymore."
mr. chasen: "ill do that emily."
momma: "all right. hes got a big one. you know that."
momma: "tracy! youre boyfriend guys car just pulled up."
tracy: "ok mom. please dont embarass me!"
momma: "everything embarasses you at this age, but ill do my best. dont worry."
guy: "is it ok to come in?"
tracy: "come on back here guy!"
momma: "oh!"
tracy: "thanks for coming over!"
momma: "nice to see you guy."
guy: "hi mrs. tucker."
momma: "why dont you go for a swim with the others?"
guy: "i didnt bring a bathing suit with me."
momma: "oh no! you dont need a bathing suit. just pull off your clothes and let your cock and balls feel the nice warm water."
guy: "uhhh, thats ok, mrs. tucker."
momma: "come on! pull out your cock and balls. the waters heated. youll love it."
tracy: "mom! stop it! now!"
momma: "what are you talking about, honey!? this way his balls are out, you can stroke his ding dong in front of all of us. come on, pull out that hog of yours. i wanna see it anyways. i wanna know what my daughters been stroking."
tracy: "mom! stop it!"
momma: "in fact, everybody, pull out your cock and balls and rub it for momma. play with yourself. itll be good. everyone. wack away!"
j.n.: "youre sick mom! im leaving."
jimmy: "im going to billys house. i cant take this anymore."
[walking away]
guy: "come on, lets go."
tracy: "youve humiliated me and guy. we are so outta here."
momma: "what did i do? what is the matter with you all? come back here! youre ruining the day! its so beautiful out. this is too much of a..."
[picks up phone and starts dialing while car drives off]
"i cant take these kids anymore..."
[phone rings and gets picked up]
grandma: "hello?"
momma: "momma, its me, im very upset,"
grandma: "oh, whats the matter, baby?"
momma: "the kids are yelling at me and they left me here all alone."
grandma: "did you tell them the kids to play with their cock and balls?"
momma: "i told them to play with their cock and balls."
grandma: "and what did they say?"
momma: "they dont wanna play with them anymore."
grandma: "why dont they wanna play with them anymore?"
momma: "i dont understand. theyve got cock and balls. they should play with them."
grandma: "poppy always loves when i play with his cock and balls."
momma: "you smack around daddys cock still, why shouldnt they beat theirs?"
grandma: "tell them to come over to grandmas house. ill play with their cock and balls."
momma: "oh momma."


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