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dip doodle ark sz

performed by adam sandler
transcribed by the brave raven.
jabawokee ding dong slip slap slee
dipstick paddywhack pee pee googalee gee
polly wolly sling slang skooey dibbely doo
wing wong ping pong king kong cheech n chong hop hip kagagoogoo
hickory dickory slickory flip flap dip skip to my lou
flim flam wham blam sam bam cunningham whack snack koochie koochie koo
plus you gotta dip, you gotta doodle, you gotta eat grandmas stroodle
cause she stayed up all night to make it from scratch
you gotta gish, you gotta gash, you gotta wax grandmas mustache
and lay out here socks and make sure they match
whoa, you gotta help out your gram
slappety dappety sling skism skasm bing bang boo
a yip, a yap, a snippety snap walla, walla scrappy dappy doo
piddle paddle fiddle faddle widdle waddle awhee clunkety clang
a plop, a fizz, a whackety whiz, chitty chitty bang wang lang
zippity doo dang lipidee ay oompa loompa doo
a piggly wiggly dooda stinky winky linky foo man choo
plus you gotta dip, you gotta doodle, you gotta shave grandmas poodle
cause grandma would do the same for you
you gotta libby, you gotta labby, you gotta hug grandma even though shes flabby
cause you should know grandmas are people too
whoa, you gotta love your gram
now if you listened to the words of this song
you know theyre coming straight from the heart
never make fun of your grandma
even when she rips a juicy fart
and remember to dip, you gotta doodle
you gotta stop playing with your noodle
cause grandma said it will make you go blind
you gotta gipper, you gotta giper, you gotta change grandmas diaper
and then pretend that you really didnt mind
whoa, respect to the grandma


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