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dancin and pantsin ark sz

performed by adam sandler, allen covert, jon rosenburg, frank coraci, and bob glaub
when i was a young man
i didnt like to dance
i was shy
id stand against the wall all night
id never take a chance
so afraid
i wouldnt get on that dance floor
unless i was really drunk
10 shots
but i found a place where the stars hang out
and they taught me how to funk
real nasty
it aint too far away
its just on the edge of town
but be ready when you get there
cause these folks dont fuck around
you can
rub your belly with liza minelli
covered in jelly, youre gonna rub your belly
jiggle your droopy balls with singin lou rawis
bounce off the walls, then jiggle them droopy balls
grind your hips with the blond guy from chips
lick your lips
stroke it clean with martin sheen
its fucking obscense
clench your ass-cheeks tight with sexy grandma betty white
youll see the light when your sphincters tight
if you dont know how to move
just feel the groove
and dance
like you just shit your pants
spin like a little girl
with cross-dressing milton berle
just give it a whirl, pretend youre a little girl
wave that juicy weeno with legendary al pacino
wave your weeno, even more obsceno
knock back a drink with colonel klink
piss in the sink
bounce your beef with omar sharif
what a relief
ring the disco bell with ice cream wizard tommy carvel
tommy carvel gonna make your dink swell
then spew all over the room
with mr. jeffry goldblum
and dance
like you just shit your pants
mr. belvedere
fatty fatty
finger in his own rear
bernard king
basketball, basketball
showing off his ding-a-ling
swimming mark spitz
moustache, moustache
playing with his hairy tits
big earl weaver, tommy seaver
both of them got the boogie fever
shit your pants
you can
do the hustle with seven-footer billy russell
do the fucking hustle, jerking your love muscle
shake your big, round ass with the ghost of mama cass
blast from the past, the ghost of mama cass
dry-hump the floor with mary tyler-moore
pump it sore
squeeze your nipple like baldy mr. whipple
drink some ripple
give it a hearty whack with tv great victor tayback
when you give it a whack, dont hurt the nut-sack
so if the thought of grooving is bringing you down
come to the funkiest place in town
the stars will show you how to move
and dance
like you just shit your pants


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