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crazy love ark sz

performed by adam sandler and lisa mordente
transcribed by the brave raven.
adam: you dont mind that i think everybodys a robot and all my conversations are being recorded
lisa: and you dont mind that all of my pants are way too short on me and i also stabbed someone with a pair of scissors a long time ago (ha-ha-ha)
adam: and you dont care that i collect dead animals from the side of the road then pretend theyre alive and think im a famous football player
lisa: and you dont have a problem with me when i follow people ive never met before and force them to look at the portrait of neil diamond i have tattooed on my back
adam: its very pretty, baby
well you must have been sent from above
youre all that i can think of
youre just as psychotic as me
my crazy love
adam: well it never bothers you when i wear my snowsuit to bed every night and i make you speak in tongues to me until i fall asleep
lisa: blah bloo blah bloo bloo
adam: thank you
lisa: and you dont make fun of me cause i still make out with my stepfather and i also tell everyone i was on a ufo for two and a half years
adam: i believe you sugarpie
cause our love is right on track
im yours, your mine its a fact
dont forget to take your prozac
my crazy love
adam: well yesterday i tickled a man who wasnt even there
lisa: oh three days before that i ran down the street in my wonder woman underwear
adam: i didnt care babe i know i never had a job cause im afraid to talk to people cause i know that theyre all robots who are seeking information
lisa: they cant fool you sweetheart and i know that you know that im the one who burned my cousin chesters house to the ground but you told the cops we were out ballroom dancing when the came and questioned you
adam: i aint no fink, dollface
cause we know that its true
only i could love you
we both eat with our hands
my crazy love
lisa: my crazy, crazy love
(spoken to end)
adam: oh i wish everybody was dead except for you, baby
lisa: i feel the same way would you throw some macaroni on me?
adam: oh yeah, here you go


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