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bonita applebum hootie mix ark sz
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bonita applebum hootie mix ark sz

bonita applebum, hey hun, hey hun
bonita applebum, go head with yourself
bonita applebum, hey hun, hey hun
bonita applebum, you gotta put me on
i said bonita applebum, hey hun, hey hun
bonita applebum, go head with yourself
bonita applebum, hey hun, hey hun
bonita, nita, nita nita, nita
come on
bonita applebum, remember way back woo...
when you used to play your knickers and your pigtail do
i used to be all on it like a fly
back in the days, bonita was a hit
i flirted and i flirted till there was no end
but she kicked the diabolical and said we was friends
hunny, you was funny, but im tired of that
its three years later, i got a new rap
got a little older, a taint bit wiser
i gained twenty pounds, six inches higher
speakin of higher, i saw you sunk a hootie mack
your ex-boyfriend claims he gets the booty back
but im here to testify, itll be a hard try
slappin my knees, lettin out sighs
wanna keep you bangin like a hip hop song
bonita applebum, you gotta put me on
chorus: (with ron isley singing "oooh" in the background)
in the words of the immortal swoop daddy (uh!)
i never shed a tear, then again i wont steer
you wrong, i steer you strong, for affections steer here
ill take you to a place thats farther than the you know
what do you know, if we go to el segundo
your presence should be close, like on buddy, ill toast
to the ever-clever and to say the least, youre the most
hunny, youre my hunny. a-yo dip, youre my dip
treasure and forever, feel the pleasure with tip
as we glide and move, cushion like a pillow thats soft and smooth
rickety said we got to show and prove
do it to the music, thats the raw butt groove
intimidate the boy
cupid, thats his name. pickin all the suckas
its the flippin game, but tip dont fall for that
instead, ill get the natives and we rush to the latest lambskin store
get a six pack of hats for...


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