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too much sleep ark sz

sleeping is like living like it starts so slow
like youre 20 years old before you pick up the tempo
no its not funny
oh no its not funny
i hear you laughing but i swear its not funny
you think its humorous the way we fade away
but one day youll feel it too and this is what youll say:

ive had too much sleep, too much sleep, ive slept too much
i slept way too much, i really overslept
i couldve been awake but i slept way too much

oh i can sleep safely in the u.s.a.
or i couldve been out in the sun all day
or had too much sleep, too much sleep...

ive spent a lot of time up in harlem
and even more in the far east
i never fought for my country
or from the belly of the beast
cuz i got plenty aggravation
i cant seem to get too much sleep


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