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nick cave dolls ark sz

"this line... has been... disc... discon... disconnected... disconnected"

hi... glad you called.
guess what im doing right now!
mmmm... thats right.
im walking along hollywood boulevard.
all i hear are people around me asking each other
"whos here? whos here?"
but... we know there arent any stars out here.

you know what id like right now?
mmmm... thats right.
chocolate cake with ice cream.
palm trees are swaying wildly around us.
and the sky...
grows darker and darker...
people are already on the streets.
some in terror, some in wonderment,
most... confused.

you and i...
we watch the funnel clouds hypnotically inch toward the ground,
and upon touchdown, turn into atomic mushroom clouds and explode.
a few spectators applaud.
scared shitless, we duck into the spanish pavilion, but...
its remarkably unremarkable.
theres nothing much to do so,
we go downstairs where... thats right.
nude and lingerie-clad girls are having a pose-athon.

guess what i do!
thats right.
i throw caution to the wind and peel off my girdle,
and take my place on the red vinyl ottoman
that stands in the middle of the lobby.
the walls are covered in full-length mirrors.
you have to admit the scene is pretty sexy.
then, i think to myself...
"is it politically correct to even be here?"
i mean, look what happend to dorothy stratton.
then i decide...
"oh, the hell with it, im horny!"

just then, jeff, the famous balding actor,
famous for his tattooed rebel rose,
and loose-fitting italian suits, walks by.
he talks to us about... thats right.
all the toys he buried in his backyard
so noone else would play with them.
he says one of his favorites is his nick cave doll.
i feel pity for the man, and hope one day
hell grow hair.
then... i think...
"wow! they have nick cave dolls now...
i waaaant ooone!"


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