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i wanna talk about it now ark sz

well if im crying inside about a thing im trying to hide
and you dont understand
and it gets all out of hand
so i turn away but that only makes you say,
"i wanna talk about it now. these words wont wait."
i got some feelings inside me that are screaming to get out
and these are some emotions you dont hear, so i will shout:
well its a long way from florida or ohio!
but the feeling is the same and it only goes to show
time to say it loud
time to say it proud
i dont like what i see
and if im talking too loud
im using secondary vision and an old white cloud
its been floating through my future and my past is spinning round
i wanna talk about it now
about the racist in the crowd
cuz im black and im white and im blue and im proud
we gotta talk about it now about the common-law shroud
for an ordinary man and an extraordinary girl
to come together and apart and then together in this world.


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