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immortal, immortal arklar, immortal ark szleri
1.a perfect vision of the rising northland431
2.a sign for the norse hordes to ride422
3.against the tide in the arctic world376
5.as the eternity opens396
6.at the heart of winter508
7.at the stormy gates of mist438
9.battles in the north477
10.beyond the north waves431
11.beyond the north waves deutsch382
12.blacker than darkness479
13.blashyrkh mighty ravendark570
14.blizzard beasts539
15.circling above in time before time505
16.cold winds of funeral dust426
17.cryptic winterstorms448
18.cursed realm of the winterdemons470
19.damned in black631
21.descent into eminent silence594
22.eternal years on the path to the cemetary gates395
24.frozen by icewinds465
25.grim and frostbitten kingdoms579
26.in my kingdom cold439
27.in our mystic visions blest519
28.moonrise fields of sorrow469
29.moutains of might490
30.nebular ravens winter465
32.one by one407
33.pure holocaust488
35.sons of northern darkness454
36.storming through red clouds and holocaustwinds448
37.suns that sank below433
38.the call of the wintermoon475
39.the darkness that embrace me425
40.the sun no longer rises521
41.the unsilent storms in the north abyss627
42.throned by blackstorms468
43.through the halls of eternity622
44.tragedies blows at horizon381
47.unholy forces of evil458
48.where dark and light dont differ625
49.winter of the ages554
50.within the dark mind440
51.withstand the fall of time421
52.wrath from above423
53.years of silent sorrow459
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