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very long ride ark sz

adam ant/marco pirroni/john reynolds/kevin mooney
i got up early and the sun was by my side
i thought you was my friend
but all you did was lie
and now i carry this until the day i die
i keep on riding till the sun goes from the sky
sometimes you get the bear and
sometimes the bear gets you
i know its the only fight you got
look what its done to you
i carry this.357 in my hand
dont ask me why
if you dont want to understand
i keep on moving i keep driving through this land
and by the moonlight i will travel if i can
its gonna take nerve
its gonna take real nerve
its gonna take more than you ever ever ever
thought it could
very long ride its a very long ride
very long ride its a
long ride
very long ride its a very long ride
very long ride its a
long ride
i travel light cos i am the lone rider
i travel light cos i am the outsider
i travel light cos im a very good fighter
i travel light all through the day
and through the night
its gonna take more than reaction
much more than a brave attempt
youre gonna need skin like a rhino
to face such cold contempt
i drive in style i drive a 99 beamer
and you just wait until the time that i see ya
you better look again before you look away
i will be driving by the kings highway
very very
very long ride
i keep on moving now until i reach the end
but im not moving cos im looking for revenge
and im not moving cos a friend of mine crossed me
ill just keep on till i get you the fuck off me


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