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andy williams, andy williams arklar, andy williams ark szleri
1.a fool never learns376
2.a song for you372
3.are you sincere445
4.baby doll427
5.beyond the reef407
6.blue hawaii596
7.blueberry hill549
9.canadian sunset450
10.cant get used to losing you1351
11.dear heart551
13.in the arms of love421
14.its all in the game744
15.lonely street406
16.love letters in the sand576
17.mac arthur park415
18.moon river667
20.music to watch girls by450
21.my happiness594
22.near you420
23.promise me, love449
24.sail along silvery moon539
25.so rare546
26.speak softly love501
27.tha hawaiian wedding song ke kali nei au390
28.the bilbao song430
29.the impossible dream the quest424
30.the very thought of you419
31.the village of st bernadette416
32.twilight time420
33.unchained melody748
34.under paris skies439
35.wake me when its over504
36.walk hand in hand539
37.where do i begin437
38.where or when611
39.you dont want my love440
40.youll never walk alone625
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