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weedman ark sz

chorus: (bizzy bone and bluelight)
keep smokin -
im the weedman, im the weedman, im the weedman
keep on chokin - im the weedman, im the weedman;
yeah boi, wear corduroy
ive gotta keep on smokin -
im the weedman, im the weedman, im the weedman
keep on chokin - im the weedman, im the weedman;
yeah boi, wear corduroy

(bizzy bone)
hey, gimme some herbs, the word
better hit it, we know, we know what you heard
thai-da-da-da, done hit my burb
here to get it, hit it, and niggas is served
and lets hit the burb
itll switch your nerves, and ill get to swervin
burnin in my benz, and im here, nigga
dont you ride with me, you have to learn it
close the curtain, nigga, we searchin
search for the blunts and stone, im certain
runnin up, so ill be runnin, and rappins my hobby
when im smokin im workin, and im hurtin, hurtin
reefer, reefer, reefer, yes, me p.o.d.d-ah d.d-ah
past overdose comatose, see a
see a bunch of sticky creeper, creeper
roll it up, sellin my kin folk
and the end of the world, ill have the indo, indo
and you can hook it up, need no friends though
see, little b.b. gives no weed fees when your ends low
we can get smoked


(hey!) about to curb serve over phat tracks
bluelight has got the scoop on where the partys at
somebody said, "damn, wheres the drinks?"
its chillin in the middle of the kitchen sink
we got alize, and isle iced tea
a little bambazini and some hennessey
the stuff that keeps you toe-up
now tell me are you high enough?


(bizzy bone)
remember forever addicted, get it twisted
its that mystic rip and guiness, hit it
singin my business, lately, got me ready to kick it
but dig it, my high jumped high--got me thinkin, "die, die, die."
twenty twin, twin, then again, no crime in a dime
what did i yell to my pero, straight to the bank, oh, ever so thankful
my mayo, aiyyo, stay away or come and get split a wig, insane, oh
gotta make that money, man, any and all cost, yall
any and all, all, nah, gonna get caught up, caught

the house was so hot, i cant stand the heat
im dancin with my peoples ive been tryin to see
there bumpin my jam, guess who i see
comin to hype the party with some indo, tweed?
we got bizzy bone, krayzie
layzie, wish and flesh, thugs-n-harmony
righteous when i spike the punch
my peoples gonna drink it up


hook: (bluelight)
you gotta puff, puff, give, and pass it to the left (x3)


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