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thuggish ruggish bone ark sz

were not against rap. were not against rappers.
but we are against those thugs [thugs, thugs, thugs].

oh, its the thuggish ruggish bone.

youre feelin the strength of the rump, step up, hear the funk of the jump
that the thugstas feel, just be thuggin, straight buzzin, lovin your peoples
cause we so real. chill, better bring your weapon, when steppin, bring on
that ammunition, trip and dont slip, not to mention, never knew no
competition. but i gotta get mine, so scream out, "mo!" and let me hear ya
holler, not about that mighty dollar, ro1l with the bone, mo thugs will
follow. chain gang remainin the same, flamin my dank and drinkin brew,
thinkin about that hangin, clockin my bank, and thuggin trues, fools.

its the thuggish ruggish bone.

get ready for the bone and the mo thug, bustas, you know me as a hustla. try to
creep and get beat, make me succeed, peep, gotta put them under. strate
jackets gotta make that money, man. its still the same, now, bailin in my
black, trench vest. you gotta be down to bang bang. come and get this teachin,
ya soldiers, how thugstas must stack. me drinkin me brew til me skull crack,
(red blue all the way back.)

its the thuggish ruggish bone.

now follow me, now, roll, stroll, off deep in the land. well, creep if you can,
take another swig to the brain, (rose), locin, steady chokin off that potent
smoke and runnin from the po-po, now. gotta get em up with my thugstas, right
turn to the double glock. pull to the curb, smoke with my hustlas. puff, puff,
puff to the brain shot, love p.o.d.ded and tweeded, gotta get another case for
my trunk. olde english, really dont need it, but in case my trues wanna get
drunk. they pump bone, so leave em alone--you dont wanna get shut down. thug
runnin the nine-quat, and you better believe they be wantin this thug style,
so what now? see the bone thug claim, thug never gonna change, so flame up. sit
back and just smoke to the same cut, leather face on the creep, and i came up.

its the thuggish ruggish bone.

gotta give it on up to the glock glock, pop pop, better drop when them buckshot
blow. the bone in me never no ho, so no creepin up outta the ziplock. so, sin,
sip gin, and lil mo heart run up, nut up, and flipped in, then slipped in the
clip then, mistakin they bloody victims. ever if ya test nuts, to the chest
and put em to rest, and, but i wont test bucks, put a hole up into me vest,
and gotta get through my soul, but they wont budge, mud, drug me victim. the
blood in me runnin my mental, the thug in me, stuck in me, keepin it simple,
the bone in me runnin with thugs so, to the temple, buck when you duck to the
thuggish ruggish ts. st. clair ps, to appeal to the gs, and a buck to all my

its the thuggish ruggish bone.
weve got layzie anda krayzie.
bizzys in the house. wish is in the house,
and flesh, and shatasha.
clevelands definitely in the house.
its the thuggish ruggish bone.


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