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thug luv feat pac ark sz

nigga, we doin this shit from cleveland to l.a., nigga. whatever you niggas want, we bringin it! thug luv, nigga. bitch! what time is it? yo, i dont give a fuck where you lay at, nigga, its time to slay these bitch-made niggas.
[bizzy: pac pac run with us, run with us, run with us. pac pac run with us. pac and rip with thug luv.]
they aint even knowin what type of niggas we is. where my thugs at?
[cocking of a shotgun, followed by gunshots repeated throughout.]
bone thugs-n-harmony. i know you niggas been waitin for this for a long time. well, here it is, nigga. here it is. what you gonna do with it?

well, it must be close to the armageddon, lord. know that i wont fly by that lesson, you taught me to pull out my wesson, you brought me, and im not stressin it softly. get em up off me, cause all we wanted was harmony, been bombin em, yell up outta my ghetto, i wont settle, get on my level. they cant stop me and pop me. nigga, they got me? fuck no. little pac gets schizophrenic, lets manage to damage all yall. ill talk about em, and you dont really want it, cause theyre cornered, and im want em to not jump. id rather say that we came to shut em all down. so quick to test, bullet, yes, declare war. roll, ill flow when i get the gun for the murda mo horror, for why they did it all, pause for the cause, and i fin to pull a nine or pistol, a little nigga with mine. fuck them niggas, its on. all yall fall. bizzy gettin bitches to test me, bless the floor, and any attempt to arrest me, stress me. lord, lookin at death, with the last of my breath. follow, follow, my kids, no
w dont sin in my steps. yet the weapon is kept with the best of my secrets, deep in the (leaves), im alone, nigga believe that i can see it, if needed, and if you really with me and well then let it be, get the greens and we runnin up over cleveland [cleveland].

ha, ha! whats poppin, nigga? put your muthafuckin hands on your strap, nigga. thug luv, nigga. yeah, we can do this like gangstas and slug it out, or do this like punks and punk it out. pull your strap on me, nigga, you better kill me. thug luv, nigga. thug lfe, baby. thug luv.

i probably be punished for hard livin, blind to the facts thugs is convicts in gods prison, hands on the strap. prayin, so father please forgive me. police be rushin when they see me. i flaunted americas most wanted live on t.v. life: pleasure and pain, stuck in this game, holler my name. we all gon die. we bleed through similar veins. yous explain to me now. dont panic when my guns burst. heard the last jam, nigga? this ones worse. my nigga, bone held the chrome til i came home. thug luv playas, tell these bitch niggas bring it on. i caught a plane out to cleveland late last evenin to help my niggas clean up; some niggas no longer breathin. now, who do you believe in? hit the weed and grieve. its a cold ass world. niggas kill you in your sleep. watch me. until they stop me, bury, murder me or drop me, i got thug luv for my nationwide posse. feel me.

little thug from the land, nigga never ran. muthafuckas out to get me. they dont understand its the #1 nigga out with a nation of niggas down to put it some work and do some dirt, fuckin around with the band bone thugs-n-harmony, follow down the road, we stroll to meet karma. everything i do, it seem to cause drama. ready for the war like a knight in my armor, bomb ya. so quick to test us, nigga wanna crash me, eat dust. for the love of the lust, niggas bustin on us. hit em up with the buck 12 gauge eruptions. its the art of war. puttin niggas on the floor when im comin through the door, bringin nothin but terror, causin much pain to the nigga that dared us, tried to put a twist in this thugsta era. paired up with a nigga like pac, and a nigga like me, gotta stay high. thug luv till i die, keep my prayer to the sky, but im still in the hood, smoke and fry, so i beg the lord save us all escapers of misery, bless my niggas in penetentary, soldiers of the century, yeah.

here to get it, told my niggas they need get the hell down with the dirt, and we dont fuck around. buck a couple a rounds, and if your passin through, then hit the ground, and dont get caught up in the crossfire, nigga. artillery thick, and you dont wanna get to fuckin with this, im straight devil, not a punk and pretend. i reload, buck a little mo. flee the scene fore the po-po even know. "so, who ya lookin for?" they dont know. a mothafucka with a leather face. hey, man, she said i ran this way, said i ran that a way. yall hoesll never know because i got away, yeah yeah. a criminal mind to keep a nigga on the level. sometimes i get high, and analyze your crime. correctly organized and with results, youll be surprised.

oh, nigga, can you feel the vibe? we can ride. playa hatin niggas, you gotsta die, its only right. its over with, bone, better leave it alone, mo thug come crack they fuckin domes. still in the hood, where the thugs play, fuckin with nothin but thugs, man, aint takin no shorts, or no losses. we crackin them domes around my way. give it to em on another level, nigga, get a shovel, you can dig a hole. bitches is dead. infrared to your head. you can beg, you go fled, but still gon bleed bloody red. fuck with mine, well be seen in the moonlight, cause we out ridin, lookin for you [for you]. better run for cover, nigga, duck. we about to bust. strate got the infrared, put it on his forehead. makes a move, send [flowers] straight to his home. put a card in the muthafucka, send it to his mama. tell her he was dead wrong, dead wrong. gone, now we long gone, long, gone.

pac pac run with us, run with us, run with us. pac pac run with us. pac and rip with thug luv.


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