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smokin budda ark sz

what, yall thought i wasnt going to do a weed song?
shit, nigga, you know me [you know me, you know me].

and it makes me sing, every puff that i breathe, potent herbs and leaves could ease the world... i like to get high [i like to get high]. so high.

budsmokers only. reefer really makes you happy. dont it?

me smokin budda [budda, budda]. come again, me smokin budda [budda, budda].
me roll, and then me pass the hudda to ya.
me feelin that blunt, so dont let that budda fool ya.
puff on that hudda [hudda, hudda]. come again, puff on this hudda [hudda, hudda].
sit back, relax, and let the budda soothe ya. and when they ask, "who?" you can tell them krayzie schooled ya.

puff on the budda, but first me gotta get with me friends. so, wish, you provide a grub, cause im gonna spend all my ends on the budda. come again, will ya share me a bit of blunt, my friend? if you dont wanna go half, fuck it. ill put in the ends on the budda, budda. we roll and smoke and choke and pass and toke and hand it back to ya. that budda gonna keep ya...

so high...
so, now, how high can ya go?
i want to get high...

as soon i arrive in l.a., gotta hit my connections. ive been here stressin on this airplane six hours [airplane... i been stressin, stressin], just thinkin of crashin. now a sacks gonna be relaxin. smokin, chokin, rollin blunts and, but we wont spend no money. them sacks gotta be lovely, or we aint fuckin with yall. yall give me that. we dont want that. dont give me that, want no stress sack. no, me dont want that. not in californ-i-a. i want that bomb bud. it really makes me happy and it makes me sing. every puff that i breathe, potent herbs and leaves could ease the world. i done been to the other side, and i seen london and paris niggas get fuckin bloody high, feelin the vibe. mary janes worldwide, so why is it such a crime? hey, everybody should be gettin high. so mr. weedman, you know we lookin for the trees with no seeds, man. yeah. yeah. we got the cheese, and we need to know if you can show me the nigga with the weed, man. where can i get it [can i get it]?


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