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bizzy bone/layzie bone &krayzie bone:
shit, who bone thugs?
hell yeah bone thugs
man them niggas broke up a long time ago
nigga what the fuck you talking bout?
mmm huu.
shit nigga
ill tell you one thing
aint nothing like that buddah lova bomb shit baby
you right about that shit right there
you know, is that right?
heh heh
nigga you gotta be kidding me
nigga give me a drink!
here nigga, here some hennessy
man, them niggas cant be dying
bone thugs negro
dont know where you are?
it cant be over!
it aint over with nigga, what you talkin bout?
nigga gimme a drink.
and tha haters cant stand it.
they cant believe it. bone thugs~n~harmony
ha ha ha, goddamn right nigga!
ruthless records.
what, what rest in peace little eazy godfather.
better call the police!
bone thugs~n~harmony, 2000 muthafuckas!
our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name

bizzy bone:
will they prostitute me? (2x)
stay under surveillance
get out tha county, this nigga aint got all my fuckin jewelry
local niggas, got me fucked up bone thugs bitch
runnin and we thuggin it up
look at a creepin on ah come up
ooooh, we dont wanna murda ya, and its so mysterious
how many niggas wanna kill us will they run up?
come kill me hater, murder with the ak.
play our, play our c town, all the way through t town.
northcoast keep goin.
ready for the midwest invasion
yall niggas keep growin
but know that i know we was saken
fuck shit some niggas cant take it, respect that.
but we poets and if you dont squash it, fuck some rap shit.
i be on some many mack your ass attack shit.
ready to back that.
now who rollin?

krayzie bone:
krayzie up in this muthafucka
nigga im rollin, and aint leavin this muthafucka untill somebody dead!
and even though we know niggas bust back.
big bullets givin muthafuckas heart attacks.
unload tat-tat-tat-tat!
krayzie bone never did roll with no hoes,
hell naw we lettin muthafuckas know.
everybody on the floor!
and this aint no goddamn joke!
nigga, break yourself or get broke!
all i want is the money
my cash flow
and im leaving on the first thing smoking out to cleveland
we gotta get even.
even if it means i got to stop a muthafucka from breathin.
and im waitin for niggas to plot to rob me.
nigga that can explain the reason you fucked up, bleedin.
never forgot about guns, never forgot how to load em
never forgot how to shoot em.
always a thug nigga what?
fuck it, lets shoot up the club.
if any of you niggas get pumped
thinkin you thug and you jump, nigga, you goin get stomped.
and we goin shut this whole thang down
going out with a big bang, pow!
and thats how the thugs do it
you know we get down and dirty
nigga, you know the story, dont make me, boil me
lets get ready for war
last year we was humble, nigga, this year we heartless
so, any nigga that want static
come meet us outside in the yard, bitch!

layzie bone:
its a hell of a job, when you marry the mob
i put a ring on my finger and say goodbye to my kids
never ever will i be a legal citizen collectin my dividends til the law
ends, flossin
rollin in my benz i go against the grain
see, we aint go change
i take an eye for a eye
either thug or you die, and i aint goin cry.
rock a bye bye, nigga, die-die
got a grudge against the judge
tryin to lock up my thugs
wanna see us fall short
fuck it, ima blow up the court and show a??em no remorse.
hit em up with the c4, backdoor
nigga, let stack go
ima attack with rap and show the crooked ass law no love
better let dogs loose
got him, hold him up
and on top of that, these niggas fuckin with cuz
all the real niggas in the streets with heat
if you really got beef, then buck it, fuck it
nigga get disgusted, commit that 187 in public
if you runnin for your life
in hot pursuit and you got to shoot to stay free, scream,
murda on the government, take me
no surrender, no retreat
might as well say,
fuck this rappin, whats happenin?
layzie goin out blastin im smashin on any muthafucka who be thinkin they
get they ass off without gettin a little action.
i crept and i came, down for my thang, man.
its a different game.
muthafuckas out callin my name, but ima keep it the same
figured i changed, nigga, fuck the fame
it aint no mystery about mine
same little nigga from the double nine
everytime, i keeps it real with shit you can feel, still to the glock glock

wish bone:
aw yeah, ima hit em with the murda mo.
see em, better let it go
bet they gon run, run. nine millimeter plus
i got a nigga beat or when it aint enough
i got my shotgun
now, how many niggas wanna roll with me?
yall say you real, then well see
will you ride for me?
will you die for me?
if i pop somebody, straight up lie for me?
there he go, now slowly approach
start buckin but baby, no kills
hit him low, we gotta get money so fuck it
just show him whats real
cause its all about money, money, yeah
dont get in my way
fuckin with my money
cause that could surely get you killed
better find somebody to play with cause i really aint out to play bitch
serious bout mine cause youre runnin out of time
and talkin that shitll get you touched, bitch
now you know that we aint into that rappin back and forth on no song
shit, like we aint got nothin else to talk about but you on that hoe shit
there go cleveland
lets get it over with

flesh n bone:
get the fuck outta my way
they say they move down and side to side
i beg to part your stupid ass clean out my path
nigga, when the bullet blow!
one bullet for this silly muthfucka!
your bloodbath, baby livin in the day that made me sick in tha head
so crazy, interrogation
so many haters aggravate, so i convey and toss grenades
you niggas wanna be the t h u g?
please, like me but cant see me
bend and roll like a fuckin hog
muthafuck, 5th dawg is definitely too damned greedy, sleazy
so many hoes screamin, bitch, skeeze me
tease my nuts, get up on the thug stroll darlin
stack my dollars up to the ceiling
nigga, with a mob and creepin through the neighborhood robbin damn
its a man on the roof with a gun, better run
its your chance
runnin through servin a dum dum to you
im a unique bone thug man
stop wonderin why did he leave that bloody, dead body gone
the nigga thought he could fuck with mine
but youll never find no others more like my kind
you heard my niggas willin to get down and dirty
i dont give a fuck!
see the villian trudgin, nigga, peelin slugs!
a muthafucka here to show you who the realest thugs and thats us
the original thugstas
subliminal criminal way to kill an individual
bone clone niggas that thinkin that they invincible
but not a real
im here to let you know, for sure, hoes!

yeah niggas
bone back in the house once again
bringin yall niggas that real shit!
lil layzie, bizzy, wish, krayzie, and that nigga flesh!
wanna say whats up to all them real ass niggas out there feelin this thug
shit and
fuck all yall player hatin ass
clonin ass, wannabe eazy-e bone thug mo thug ass niggas!
we told yall niggas this shit was eternal
eternal, eternal, eternal, eternal, eternal..


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