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shotz to tha double glock ark sz
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shotz to tha double glock ark sz

[ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh--killa, killa]

tony tone
if youre down to glide and slide on the clair, then lets ride. tony tone roll with bone on the darkside, but when you come just bring your guns wit cha. if youre a busta niggas goin have fun wit cha. so, nigga, dont get me wrong, my niggas swang them thangs, bang some brains, slangin llello. it all remains the same.

step and youre catchin some buckshots. murder one on the clair, nine-glock-glock. mo thug, whats up? nigga, get drunk, put em in the mud, pop and i cant stop now. niggas that i thug with kill. pop to the chest. how does it feel? and nigga we peel capspap! fin to get your wig cracked back. killin, im buckin em down. i wish you would try to get some redrum, bitch! nigga, dont test my hood.

a first degree murderin wig splitter, gravedigger diggin a ditch. puttin a bitch and them snitches in the pit. so dont fuck with them niggas off the nine-nine. the foundation of niggas committin the crime and murderin every time. niggas beware, cause here come the clair mobbin like some soldiers. watch me fold you for actin like somebody never told you. so off we go to the bloody road. time to bless some souls with that nine shot, givin props to the glock-glock.

pump-dump, when i let my shells down. hit a lick, now gimme the goodies, and nigga me dash. i reach for the gauge and mash, yell out "one-eighty-seven" and blast. nigga, dont test nuts. your lucks fucked. your feelin the wrath of the boneyard. thuggin off with the graveyard shift then comin up for your ho card, bitch. scandalous niggas dwell in the clair, be servin them chop-chops. we rippin them guts with buckshots, pop-pop. me give up shots out to the glock-glock.

you better believe that we runnin this thug style. krayzie, layzie, bizzy, flesh, wish, them wicked now. we straight off the glock-glock. run up, get your wig split now. east 99 follow me down to me street, buck, we thug on the darkside. better have your pop, niggas be trippin and flippin as soon they get high. one-eighty-seven, youre caught in a murder. niggas up to no good. po-po. fuck no! they never could fuck with a thug-ho.
all [krayzie]
pop-pop, [ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohkilla.] givin up shots to the double-glock, glock [-4]

mo! hart
nothin but them killas, straight up thuggas, rippin bucks on bloody clothes. thugs gaugin pump eruptions, nigga trippin shot and fuck em down, buckin them coppers down, round after round after round. bloody bodies, badges spreaded on the ground. aint no sound, just the demon screamin, "rest in peace. i guess you got to suffer." ready to dip, hollow point tip, got your wig split, and made your body rupture. hunt my victims on a mission, flippin, livin on a darker side, creepin on your homicide. let my nuts and my gauge hang low. now, walk on by.

boogy nikke on the mic, right.

boogy nikke
thuggin through my thuggish-ass hood at night with my pipe. thuggin down the double-glock, tryin to get my serve on. watchin my back while six-five try to roll on. but one to the suckas head and two up in his body. now peep my creep. i keep the reefer smoke all up inside me.

we jumpin up off of the hood. we bailin. we thugs and we lookin like crooks. the terror be fatal. ready to roll, now we willing and able. rollin with ruthlessbitch! better check my label. murdered them (them), never come again where the scandalous niggas settle. bloody nigga, trues be on my level. eighty through the ten-five is the soldiers ghetto. nigga, dont take the wrong turn--you will enter the hood, and were splitters so cover your dome. out the cut, where the thugs and hustlas roam. cleveland browns, the dawg pound home, its on.

never get in the mix of a clair player--youre liable to get your wig split and dumped in a ditch, bitch! cause them thugs sendin them slugs, leavin em off in the cut in a puddle of blood, say what? dont make me go in my trench. nigga, you got me bent, all fucked up. your lucks up. now yall done get sent to your gravesite as john doe for fuckin with those...

its them thugs runnin amuck all night, but a slug up in you. the dummy thought wed never divide, go nationwide with the buck-buck. so where you at? where you at? im strapped and ready to snap and yank a niggas neck back. split a kool-aid hat. into the graveyard, but prepare to get drugged up on the clair to tear a round fore somebody gets struck. you still wont want some bitch, and what the muthafuck i want? i want to wham you with a tec-9. now bitch, press your luck!

all [krayzie]
pop-pop, [ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohkilla.] givin up shots to the double-glock, glock [-16]


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