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pimps, thugs, hustlaz, &gangstaz ark sz
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pimps, thugs, hustlaz, &gangstaz ark sz

if you a pimp, nigga, pimp them hoes. if you a thug, you better get ready for war. if you a hustla, make your dough. if you a gansta, let your gun smoke.

took a trip out to texas and i find real niggas, remind me of mine. a nigga can vibe, cause yall some cold ass playa playas. hey, there, mo thug and we gotsta give em some love, so now youre dealin with the big pimps and the thugs. you get up too close and we fuckin you up, you dont really want that cause i know these aint no hoes you fuckin with. touched down and got with the realest niggas in the town. now look whos in the suave house, yes its truly-yours, mister sawed-off leatherface, a warrior ready for war, a natural soldier boy, ready to move out, nigga, ready to get with the shoot out. in the meanwhile, i still gotta make me some money to get by. yeah, i thought to connect, and hooked up with mjg, made money, cause all that other shit dont mean a thing to me. but try to run up and im leavin you stunned. nobody will know who shot that pump, cause im gonna dump it and run. put him on the pave, and hey, that nigga that did it was wearin a leather face, and not to be played with. whateve
r you claim, you better get paid. shit.

if you a pimp, nigga, pimp them hoes. if you a thug you, better get ready for war. if you a hustla, make your dough. if you a gangsta, let your gun smoke.

who be i? the nigga who pimpin-a plenty of hoes, look at the size of the bank that he hold. natural born mind control. false niggas gang blown away. it makes you wonder why niggas be hatin. they jealous, they fellas be lookin to take you under. it seems like the more that we get, you come with that shit, lookin for ways to drive us insane, confusin our brain. im settin up traps for rats who snatch cheese. fly like a trapeze artist. tell em to bring it on, i comes the hardest.

mjg, pimp, runnin with bone, dividin?the throne. regardless of niggas who stand in my path, im bringin it on. recitin the lyrical gift, the shit that give me the bitches, the money, the cars. how do you know when youre goin too far? the further you get, the further you are. shit, i breaks in half crook niggas. dont make me laugh. now, huh, which ones the head and, huh, which ones the ass? where your bitch at? collectin my cash. now who wouldve know that the bitch is a hood-rat. increasin my stash, leavin you fast. youre thinkin im slippin, im grippin the tech. look at the bullets, they rippin his vest open, puttin a hole in his chest. in piece is that nigga decide to rest. im leavin you grievin, believin in pimpin. the shit that i got is the shit that im given. constantly livin that life of a thug, drinkin the hen, smokin the bud.

if you a pimp, nigga, pimp them hoes. if you a thug you, better get ready for war. if you a hustla, make your dough. if you a gangsta, let your gun smoke.

too many fake niggas done tried to contend, and then again, pinned that they couldnt win. ken took it to the head with a fifth of hen now im in the wind, 500 benzo, we roll, roll. rod j came through with the mack-10. wish trippin when i pulled out the glock. you know that all of my niggas be ready this pop-pop, comin with the heat cocked, cause it never did stop. everybody i know out lookin for a come up, we creep, its deeper than the way you perceive a thug, no love, take a nigga through the mud everytime i try him from my wordly grudge. what? nigga well bust till the point of no return, im out here swangin, paper chasin. erasin my poverty and i gotsta be that soldier claimin mo! even though it get hectic, respect it. nigga, knock my struggle, uh-oh, theyll gets more chaos and i wont stop till i piece this puzzle.

im a go gather up all lost souls show em the way to the road to be real, give em a deal, train em to kill, haters meet and my soldiers in a battle field. we marchin, ready for war, fuck the law, they aint on our side. hell yeah, we can meet up at the district. im bringin it to you, ready to die. see, i am so sick of oppression, shit aint changed, little lay still stressin. no question, clutchin there no more weapon, cause the po po wanna sweat my blessings and uh, youll probably feelin?the sense of some danger, but im bringin the sense of an angel to the table. watch me put it down for mo, and them suave house niggas. so, willin?and ready to make a few dollars and split a few wigs. if thats what it is, you better be mindin your business, or be beggin forgiveness. you know all im sayin?is, just dont fuck with me, man.

if you a pimp, nigga, pimp them hoes. if you a thug you better get ready for war. if you a hustla make your dough. if you a gangsta, let your gun smoke.

yeah... bone thugs. mo thugs. eightball, the fat mack, and mj-fuckin-g. the realest niggas alive, yeah. thuggin, pimpin, bitch, this shit dont stop. you know what im talkin bout? all over the muthafuckin world and back again, bitch. space-age forever.


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